Feast on Fodbods – The Ideal FODMAP Friendly Snack

Dec 10, 2022

The low FODMAP diet has been shown to ease symptoms in 75% of IBS sufferers. Unfortunately, the diet can be difficult to follow, particularly challenging when you leave the comfort of your home. This is why I recommend packing healthy FODMAP friendly snacks so you never get caught out. As Australia’s first certified FODMAP friendly bars, Fodbods are the perfect solution. 

When eating on the low FODMAP diet, it’s important to still consume foods that are nutritious and contain the essential macronutrients our body needs. As FODMAPs are naturally found in so many foods this can be tricky, but having snacks on hand which are high in protein are a great option as they keep you fuller for longer! 

Thankfully, Fodbods are super convenient, delicious and all five flavours have upwards of 9 grams of protein. I love eating them and always recommend them to clients. Fodbods have been independently tested and certified as FODMAP friendly so you can trust that they’re safe to consume in the recommended serving size during all stages of the low FODMAP diet. 

The bars are made from 100% natural non-GMO ingredients, they’re vegan, gluten and dairy-free! They’re delicious and nutritionally balanced – the perfect healthy snack that you can trust won't give you a tummy ache. 

You can purchase Fodbods online at www.fodbods.com or find them at a stockist near you!

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