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Wave Goodbye to Bloating, Unpredictable Bowel Habits & Painful Gut Symptoms

Get the relief you have been searching for in as little as two weeks and determine your triggers with the IBS RELIEF PROGRAM


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IBS & the low FODMAP diet can be extremely overwhelming...

Regardless of whether you've had IBS for two weeks, two years or even longer. 
The low FODMAP diet is confusing, scary and may be something you've only recently learned about! Instead of actually finding relief from IBS, it might feel like you're just running around in circles wondering:

What do I do if I make a mistake? 
How do I navigate going out or meeting new people?
How do I know if a product is low FODMAP?
Do I need to cut out dairy and gluten to find relief?

One question can lead to another and only leaves you feeling overwhelmed and further from the relief you are desperate to find.

Staying in the same position with unpredictable bowel habits and bloating that makes you look 9 months pregnant is robbing you of a full and happy life. You also risk damaging your gut microbiome, restricting your potential in life and worsening your food intolerances. 

Managing IBS is challenging, but I am here to help.

If you too are concerned with starting the low FODMAP process, then you sound like just about every other IBS sufferer I have had the pleasure of working with. 

Imagine what life would look like if you could...

Cook & eat your favourite foods without fear. 

Go out to dinner with your friends, family, or significant other. 

Wear the same size dress or pants in the morning and afternoon. 

Go to the restroom without pain.

Feel comfortable and in control. 

What would your life look like if you didn't struggle with the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS?

What you need is a step-by-step comprehensive roadmap that is proven to work for IBS suffers searching for lasting relief. 

What you don't need is a generic, cookie-cutter, self-paced course!

The Problem Is...

Life can get in the way

It's difficult to navigate IBS & the FODMAP diet when you are trying to perform at work, schedule social catch ups and get enough rest.

There's so much information out there

We can turn to social media, our friends or family, neighbours, multiple healthcare providers and Google. You can find yourself in a deep hole of misinformation with people that are just as confused as you are. 

It's hard to figure out how & when to start.

And once you do start... where do you go if you encounter a roadblock? 


The IBS Relief Accelerator Group Program

The only 12-week program that will teach you how to rebuild your gut health, manage your symptoms, reintroduce foods back into your diet with more confidence and precision and finally pinpoint your exact IBS triggers! I am here to help you through the process so that you can get back to living a full and comfortable life.

Let’s remove the overwhelm and fast track your results with a proven roadmap and step-by-step framework, so you can spend your time implementing only the MOST effective strategies that have been researched, tried and tested for IBS. This exact framework helped over 300 people in 2021 alone. 


What’s included in the program?

Learn Chelsea's step-by-step framework that has been used to help over 385 women worldwide break free from IBS. The program combines 1:1 support with group coaching, self-paced learning and support from a community of women who understand exactly what you are going through.  

The Program is structured into 12 modules to work through, week by week. Each module has video lessons, workbooks & cheatsheets to help you break free from bloating, wind, cramps, unpredictable bowel habits and reflux. It's exactly what you'll need to experience real, sustainable results as quickly as possible.

1:1 Intensive consultation
(Value: $300)

Let's dive deep. Chelsea will go through your current diet, behaviours & lifestyle and guide you to making better choices to manage IBS and look after the integrity of your gut health.      

Weekly food diary check-ins (Value: $600)

 The low FODMAP diet is hard to do with limited support. Each week I will personally go through your food & symptom diary. These checks ensure you are not FODMAP stacking, help keep you accountable and on track for a successful reintroduction. 

24/7 access to the Program Portal
(Value: $497)

Forget Dr. Google and sources alike. The Program Portal houses all of the educational content in relation to IBS and FODMAPs that you need to know.

Private Facebook community
(Value: $97)

Get access to a community of like-minded women on the same journey with you! Inside this private group you can post your questions, get help with label reading and pick up extra tips and tricks along the way. 

Low FODMAP Recipe eBooks
(Value: $115)

Allow me to take the stress away from mealtimes with my low FODMAP recipe eBooks. There are vegan, vegetarian and omni options available. 

Fortnightly Group Calls (Value: $450) & MORE!

Every two weeks we will all join a group call for education and laser coaching. Each person will have time to ask questions & get advice. The group calls are recorded and saved so that you can go back to re-watch at anytime!


Join The IBS Relief Program For A Fraction Of This!

I Want To Learn More!

The IBS Relief Accelerator Group Program has run five times and helped 78 women get to the root cause of their IBS. See what they have to say about the Program

The group calls were a good length of time to educate and also have the individual coaching. The schedule worked well. I felt very supported and encouraged during these calls. It was also helpful to hear what others were doing to help symptoms or to hear their questions, as some relates to me. 

Best thing I've ever done for myself and finally have control of my gut issues.

Everyone got to say/ask what they needed to and was never rushed. I actually liked being able to listen to everyone else’s experiences as I learnt from them also. 

I know you may have tried...

  • Working with other health professions, but you felt unsupported and were dismissed.
  • Eliminating FODMAPs on your own, but you're not confident with the process.
  • Expensive supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics only to go around in the same frustrating cycle.

On the IBS Relief Program I promise

  • You will feel supported at every stage as I hold your hand through the process. 
  • You will have all of the resources needed to find relief, nourish your gut microbiome and to gain absolute clarity around your personal triggers. 
  • You will complete the low FODMAP process once and for all.


Discover If The Program Is Right For You

Here's why it's different...

A personalised plan

You are not expected to figure this out on your own. Chelsea, an expert IBS & FODMAP dietitian, will formulate a plan specific to your symptoms, diet preferences and stage of IBS. You can expect to find relief in as little as two weeks!


Weekly support & accountability check-ins

On a weekly basis Chelsea will review your food & symptom diary, check-in via email & pivot the plan if needed. The email support is an extremely valuable component of the program as we can change your treatment plan, overcome hurdles and plan for events like weddings and holidays. I am here to hold your hand at every point and answer all of your questions.


Group calls 

Every two weeks you will join one of the three group calls available. These calls are designed to provide you with education, support and a safe space where you can ask questions & get to know the other group program members. 


 What you need to know, in easy-to-digest lessons

I know there is SO much conflicting information online. The IBS Relief Program is comprehensive, clear and spares the science jargon. 


Community support

Join the private forum for my clients past and present. Get help with label reading, have your questions answered and learn bonus tips & tricks along the way. 

This program was designed for you if...

  • Have IBS & want to find long lasting relief from cramps, pain, bloating and unpredictable poops
  • Want to feel like yourself again and live a full life instead of just 'getting by'
  • Have begged your doctor for help, asked Google, spent hours in forums with others that are just as confused as you are or tried every supplement under the sun

But you are going around in circles, feeling completely overwhelmed and don't know what the best plan is for you & your situation 

It may not be the right fit for you if...

  • You have not been diagnosed with IBS or you are not struggling with uncomfortable gut symptoms.
  • You have an active eating disorder
  • You're looking for a for a quick fix to temporarily relieve symptoms
  • You are not ready to make changes to your diet, eating behaviours or lifestyle
  • You're not ready to invest time into achieving life changing results

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Hey, I'm Chelsea!

A fellow IBS sufferer, Dietitian & proud cat Mum. 
For too long I struggled with unpredictable bowel movements and bloating that made me feel 9 months pregnant. My doctor provided little to no help, and it was almost like a diagnosis of IBS was a good thing. 

I felt lost, confused and frustrated. 
But then I learned that IBS was more common than I cared to know. IBS affects up to 1 in 5 Australians and 2 in 3 sufferers are women. 
I put hours and hours into research. I studied the impact of diet, behaviours and medical intervention on IBS and have successfully formulation a plan that can achieve sustainable and long-lasting relief from IBS. 

It doesn't require a long term elimination diet. 

There is not a prescription to fill for the rest of your life. 

You do not need to undergo an invasive or dangerous procedure. 

Let me show you how. 
Okay, I'm Ready!


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